Ali Salimi

Dear colleagues!

If you don’t know me already, my name is Ali Salimi, your past and current VP IT. Over the past two years, I have enjoyed serving you and our student society so much that I decided to continue doing it for another year.

When and where did it all start?

For those of you who are not old like me, back in the day, MSS had two websites (still better than UGME’s 5 :D); one was broken and outdated, and the other one lacked many essential features like the security to store the confidential and academic information on, voting platform, and etc.

I heard your voice and saw your frustration with these platforms, and took the initiative to put an end to this problem. After about 18 months of extremely hard work and with the help of many of my colleagues in the past and current executive councils (2016-17 & 2017-18) we now have a beautiful, and responsive website that offers a great deal of functionalities and meets most of the needs of our society. I can comfortably say that MSS new website offers much more functionalities than any other medical student society’s website across the country.

Working as the VP IT can become very technical and challenging at times, but I have developed all the tools and resources needed to overcome the challenges. As a certified hardware technician with +2 years of work experience at PC World – one of the largest computer superstores in United Kingdom – and an html programmer, I am very confident that I have all the skills and qualities to serve your needs for another year.

Why should you vote for me?

  • I have the experience of working with the current and the past MSS councils, fully know the ins and outs of the job, and understand my responsibilities and the society’s expectations.
  • Over the past two years, I experienced many obstacles while developing the website. Although these challenges were daunting and stressful at times, I persevered and dealt with every issue in a timely manner to prevent any service interruptions. These experiences taught me the skills required to deal with the unexpecteds of this position and allowed me to develop connections and resources to overcome on which I can rely in case of difficulties.
  • I’m always responsive and available. Some of you that have contacted me with technical issues, inquiries, or concerns know that my average response time is in the range of a few minutes to hours, whether during the week, or on the weekend.
  • If you enjoy using the current website and its various functionalities such as: annex room booking, annex calendar, MSS calendar, murmur submission module, classifieds, online clothing store, online elections, etc., then please vote for me J

My objectives for the next year and the reasons why you should trust me as your next year’s VP IT:

  • Over the past two years, I spent most of my time developing a functional website that meets your needs. As the future VP IT, I am planning on fixing any minor glitches but also expanding the website in terms of its contents:
    1. You can’t decide where to do your electives? Worry not! I will develop a module that allows students to share their elective experiences.
    2. Do you want to share your wellness tips with your fellow colleagues but feel shy? Worry not! I will develop a module that allows you to share them anonymously
    3. Did you know that our website has a discussion forum where you can discuss anything from non-medical related discussions to research, electives, and CaRMS? Do you want to post on the forum but also stay anonymous? Worry not! I am hoping to develop a module that assigns a pseudonames to the users, so that they can post and discuss freely.
  • Our X-box console is going to see an upgrade in its gaming collection (so don’t hesitate to let me know your favorites!)
  • The idea of a phone charging station was rejected by this year’s council due to MSS’s financial constraints. I still believe that this is a very good investment for our society, because not only it serves your needs, but it can also generate revenues through advertisements on the station’s screen. Thanks to the hard work of our current VP Exec (Amanda) and VP Finance (Davide), our financial situation has improved and I promise to advocate for you guys to get this cool gadget at the Annex.
  • Finally, I am very open to any suggestions that you guys have in order to improve your IT related experience on campus! Just shoot me a message any time on whatever platform that you wish, and I’ll be happy to chat J


No matter how much theoretical programming one knows, practical experience is the most important quality for this position. When the server crashes at 2 am or during holidays with no available tech support, a devoted, experienced, and trusted IT officer can make a huge difference and make your experience much more plausible!

It’ll be my honor to serve you and our society for another year!