Jennifer Mitchell

Gatineau provides a rich and diverse learning environment for a small group of McGill 3rd clerks each year, yet many 1st and 2nd year students rely on a single day tour and/or word-of-mouth to learn more about what a year in the Outaouais region has to offer. Additionally, many Montreal-based clerks rotate through the region, yet there is a disconnect between these students and those working in the region for the year. My vision of the MSS Gatineau Rep entails 3 major roles:

  1. Acting Liaison between the two campuses, helping disseminate crucial information as well as connecting students in both campuses, as well as connecting students who rotate through Gatineau (for electives, etc.) to those completing clerkship in the region.

  1. Coordinator of academic and social activities in the Gatineau campus. Many MSS clubs and standing committees organize events for students at the MTL campus; the Gat rep would take on this responsibility.

  1. Point-of-Contact for FMD and TCP students about what this campus has to offer, as either a rural elective or entire 3rd year clerkship experience.

Having been a member of the MSS last year as the Class of 2020 Treasurer, helping to organize many class events and attending MSS meetings, I understand the gaps in knowledge that exist within the McGill medical student community about what it means to study and work in the Outaouais region. This lead to me proposing the position of MSS Gatineau Rep in the Spring of 2018. My goal for this position is to help alleviate this uncertainty about the Gatineau campus and create a position that bridges the gap between the two campuses.