classifieds Search accommodation listings for CaRMS Tour, electives, residency, fellowship short long term, furnished unfurnished. was developed by medical community members seeking to solve the housing search stress during training.

-Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) recognised,
-PGME offices across Canada and USA and International medical communities.
-Listed in UofT’s PGME Orientation manual accommodation resource.
-Share the link and like on Facebook. has a private FB page for people seeking roommates.

-leaving a great space? tell your landlord to post on
-have a spare room?> share it with people looking for short term elective housing,
-looking at the landlord idea? Buy near med schools and hospitals then post the listing

We are in our soft beta launch so it is a great time to test the site and post your place FREE.
Eventually “free” will come to and end and there will be a cost to post.

Send us an email and let us know your thoughts. We love feedback. As we move into the next level feedback is king!

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