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Our mission is to provide a structured, collaborative environment for medical students to master the essentials of clinical French.

Who are the CFC members?:

Our club members are both francophone and anglophone medical students. The clubs’ activities rely primarily on the cooperation and collaboration among our members and we are there to provide them with tools and resources. We welcome French speakers of ALL levels, from zero to native speakers. We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other learn faster and better.


Our goal is to master simple, high-yield clinical language that can be put into practice immediately. Club members have the opportunity to practice their French clinical language in realistic scenarios during our monthly events, and our annual OSCE simulation. Even though our priority is to focus on history taking, the club members are there to help you master any sphere of clinical French.

This includes:

  • Taking a patient history
  • Conducting a physical exam and describing findings
  • Explaining the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Answering a patient’s questions


Our focus on practical skills to meet real-life needs complements other resources which focus more on formal grammar or conversational French. In our first year as a club, we had over 80 members, with feedback saying our meetings helped improve confidence about clinical participation.

For any questions and comments, please e-mail us at

Contact Information


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