MSS Black Medical Students’ Association (MBMSA)

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The McGill Black Medical Students’ Association is an inclusive organization of medical students focussed on engaging members on issues concerning the African and Afro-Caribbean communities in Montreal through 4 tenets: social interaction, networking, outreach and advocacy.
Social Interaction
The McGill Black Medical Students’ Association aims to foster interaction between medical students of African and Afro-Caribbean descent here at McGill. Through various social events, we aim to create an environment where the wealth of cultural backgrounds can be shared with the community at large.
By putting students in contact with black medical alumni and professionals, we hope to facilitate effective mentorship, create scholarship opportunities and create an environment of seamless and familiar integration into the medical profession wherever CaRMS may take us.

In addition to intra-professional networking, through partnering with student and professional groups, we aim to collaborate meaningfully and share cross-professional experiences.
Through various outreach activities, we hope to inspire black school children and undergraduate students in our communities to pursue medicine as a career and give them the tools and guidance to achieve that goal.

These initiatives include:
Buddy program (for students of all levels)
Develop leadership and confidence
Etudiant d’un jour
Career talks in schools
Med school application workshops
MMI mock interviews
CV and personal statement etc.
Shadowing opportunities
Providing financial resource information

Through various campaigns, we hope to raise awareness about health and social issues which may disproportionately affect the African and Afro-Caribbean community both here in Canada and around the world.

By working with the faculty, we aim to increase sensitivity on issues pertinent to those of African and Afro-Caribbean descent. We also aim to assist the faculty in the efforts to improve the equity and diversity of the faculty of Medicine here at McGill.

Given our diverse membership, we hope to provide support to students and staff hoping to work in areas around the world where our members are from.

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