The Annex

Description of the Annex
The Lady Meredith Annex is a common meeting place for members of the McGill Medical Student’s Society (MSS). It is a place where students can study, organize meetings and activities or just unwind and relax. It is meant to be a welcoming and safe space. Every med student may access it with his student ID from 7 AM to 11 PM everyday.

Code of conduct
The Annex is the property of McGill Medicine Buildings and great care must be taken with the Annex. Students are welcomed at any time but are also expected to follow the Annex Code of Conduct.

  1.  Noise level must be reasonable, especially 9am-5pm on weekdays and until 7pm on Wednesday. During those hours, the use of the sound system is not allowed. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
  2.  Keep the place clean.
  3.  Do not leave any trash on the tables or on the couch.
  4. Use the trashcans and recycling bins.
  5.   Do not empty solid or semi-solid food/products in the sink – or it will clog.
  6. Do not leave or store your personal belongings.
  7.  Don’t do anything stupid. That means no alcohol, drugs, vandalism, smoking, theft… you get the idea.
  8.  Respect the booking schedule.
  9.  Wellness Room: you may not bring furniture in or out of the Wellness Room.
  10.  Leave the Annex the way you found it (or cleaner!)
  11.  Any event hosted by a student group or an individual must clean the rooms they used and will be held responsible for the condition of the room after they leave. Any expense incurred to clean the rooms will be deducted from the student group’s funding or must be covered by the individuals responsible.
  12. Again, do NOT leave your personal belongings on the tables, in the study room, or in a corner for an extended period (> 1 day).
  13.  Storage policy: any item left for more than a day in the Annex may be disposed of at any time in order to keep the area clean.
  14.  Students and clubs who need to store some items should contact the Annex Rep:
  15. If you must leave some belongings for more than 24 hours and cannot reach the Annex Rep, clearly identify your stuff with your name, year, email, and maximal date on which you will pick your stuff again to prevent your belongings from disposed of.
  16.  Consoles, TV, projectors, computers
  17.             Logout from the computer when you leave.
  18.             Turn off the projector, TV, and consoles before you leave.

Wellness room
*New feature of the Annex*

As a way to promote wellness, the MSS decided to add a wellness room at the Annex. It will include bean bags, cushions and floor mattresses so that med students can go there, relax, have a nap and take some time for themselves.

Conference room
This room can be used for meetings and group projects. It is equipped with an iMac 27” 2013. It can hold approximately 20 people. The room can be booked through the booking form.(edit made April 2nd)

Living room
The living room is equipped with a 55″ TV with HDMI, VGA and Component inputs. The room also offers video game consoles, Netflix subscription, microwaves and a Foosball table. It can accommodate approximately 40 people. The room can be booked through the booking form.

MSS office
The office room may be used to hold private meetings. The room can be booked through the booking form.

Available equipment
Here is the equipment available to clubs and MSS members:

  • Folding tables
  • Tents for outdoor events
  • BBQ
  • Speakers
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee machine
  • TV
  • Projector

Chez Meredith
Chez Meredith is a bimonthly event held at the Lady Meredith Annex. This is meant to be a place for students of all 4 years to come together and enjoy each one another’s company in a convivial atmosphere. This periodic gathering is an occasion for students to enjoy refreshments, music and good company. Cheap beer (yes, in all legality), coffee and other surprises are served.

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